Exploring Code/Art:
Wait, what is it you do again?: An explanation of what this code stuff actually means.

Exploring Art/Code:
The Esteemed Guild of [Code]Crafters: Comparing early modern guilds with todays working practices.

Elizabethan Portraiture vs Object Orientated Design: Yup, that’s what I said…

My Git Guide:
Part 1: Eh?


Brexit – an analogy using git My take on the process of leaving the EU

Happy Easter!  Now go hunting…

Focusing on empowering women and girls: why it’s acceptable and why it’s important: Read and share

code == knitting?: To what extent is programming like knitting

Are we in danger of becoming the lost generation in tech?: What does a tech filled future have in store for us?

My year of Code: Experiences after one year of being a developer

Life at Woolly HQ: Ever wondered what a knitter/developer gets up to in the day?