Easter Eggs Galore!

It’s no secret that I love easter eggs, be it real and virtual. So, seeing that I can’t be at Brigham Towers beating the rest of my family in our annual East Egg hunt (which I totally won last year, I’m going to remind everyone – with a healthy margin of 15 eggs) I thought I’d write a quick post about easter eggs we can enjoy outside of Cornwall!

My favourite is perhaps the one on the main Vouge website. On the homepage, simply type in the komani code, and enjoy!

The keys for the konami code are as follows:


For extra fun – just keep pressing that ‘a’ key… see how many you can get up.
(n.b if you are viewing this down under it will redirect you to an oz one – it only works on the US one)

The koonami code works on buzzfeed as well – it used to be sloth based, but they have recently changed it, not sure why.

Next up, google image search. Hope over there and type in Atari Breakout.

On the subject of google, the dinosaur on the error loading page of course needs a mention. If you haven’t worked out this is a game yet – either your internet connection is super reliable or you are… well just silly. You should get on that, it’s great. (hint – press space bar)

Also, if you type ‘do a barrel roll’ into google search – things get acrobatic. A simpler one is to type recursion into the search bar, or I’m feeling curious for fun facts or Google in 1998 for the old school feels.

Facebook next – this is not really an easter egg but it’s WELL COOL. If you go to the general settings – you can select English (upside down) or, even better, English (Pirate). OOHH ARR ME MATEYS! The title of the page turns to ‘Ye Olde Facebook’. Whats not to love?!

Youtube of course is in on this as well. Try searching for ‘Do the Harlem Shake’…

Unsurprisingly, the guys over at Wool and the Gang have some cracking ones. (Now I wonder how that happened…) Try clicking the aeroplane up next to ‘we ship worldwide’. When that gets dull, maybe try typing ‘YARN BOMB!‘ into the search bar.

Still not enough? Well then, head over the the party page and type in that old konami code again… it’s all about the party spirit! (I wonder how that got there? Probably a good bye present from some awesome developer…)

East eggs are AWESOME and if you have a website you should definitely include one. Here look, I’ve done all the work for you to get a simple penguin pop up on the go (though you can use other pictures!)