My Year of Code

It is now roughly one whole year since I started calling myself a ‘developer’ (or, more specifically, Art Historian-turned-developer) so I thought I would write a wee little post about my general experiences from my year of code. Specifically, my year of code with Ruby and Rails.

In the beginning, there was Ruby. This was an Object Orientated Language, and it was Good.

‘I love Ruby.’

‘I have no idea what Object Orientated means, but it’s definitely a Good Thing’

‘It’s semantic – which means I can read it almost like English’

‘Yay for not needing a maths degree to program, I love art’

‘Dammit I miss history’

“I wonder how much I can relate history of art to code…’


‘… bugger’

And on seeing the Ruby was Good, the Ruby was built on, with a Framework called Ruby on Rails.

This did things such as CRUD and other acronyms, and this was Very Good.

Totes got the hang of this now, TO RAILS!’

‘I have no idea what this is, but if ruby is a Good Thing, Rails must be a Better Thing.’

‘Failing that I guess I can talk to Dad about trains’


‘Apparently Rails has nothing to do with trains’

‘Fat models skinny controllers – well, thats the OPPOSITE of the Fat Controller in Thomas the Tank Engine’

‘Holy mother of all the things what the hell is going on’

‘I done a scaffold and now I have a billion files’

‘But, why – why is this not working? what is a migration – why do I have to rake it, are there leaves on the migration?’

‘Maybe I understand what’s going on…’

But then, the world was Plagued by Acronyms. And it was Bad.


Acronyms + Dyslexia == Bad

Model Controller View or Model View Controller? – for a brain that reads words in different orders, exactly the same thing. But apparently, for a program – very different thing

And then, the code had to be written Test First

‘So I write the test for the code, to test the code works, before writing the code I want to run?’

‘But I don’t know what code I want to write’

‘Well, maybe I do, but I definitely don’t know how to write it’

‘So how do I write a test?’

‘My brain hurts’


But then there was the front end, and the ability to get creative – and it was Good

‘Sod Ruby – I’m gunna play with Javascript, styling and semantically written HTML now’

‘Damm this page looks fine’

‘Damm thats a lot of css’

‘Oh god, what do I do with all this Javascript?’

‘Oh you want me to do Ruby? oh damm… I forgot how to code’

And then, there was a Big Monolithic App, and That was Bad.

I thought rails was simple, this is not simple’

‘Oh God where do I put this business logic? (What is business logic again?)’

‘I feel like I need a maths degree’

‘What the hell am I doing with my life? Why am I a programmer?

*checks internet for all history MA’s still open for application*

‘Who the hell is Sandi Metz?’

And then there were many Blogs

I love Sandi Metz’

‘Oh so that’s what Object Orientated means’

‘Though now my code no longer reads semantically’

‘But it has no dependancies, which apaarently is a Good Thing’

‘I also know what dependency means now, which is an Improvement’

‘I’ve totes got the hang of this…’

‘Is this still Rails?’